This Proposal was for a new Ferry for use on Ullswater, in the English Lake District, to add to and complement the two existing original Victorian Steam Ferries still operating on Ullswater. The Specification called for an up to date vessel that would be Wheelchair friendly and compliant with the latest M.C.A. regulations and also be suitable for year round use.

There is something special about the ‘Victorian Steam Yacht Style’ be it the perfect sheer line, raking masts and funnel or Clipper bow and bowsprit. Numerous freehand sketches were prepared until I developed what I considered to be a workable sketch. Turning this sketch into a Design that could meet the Specification was a very enjoyable and rewarding challenge.

The requirement to have wheelchair access to all areas of the boat including a lift from the upper boarding deck down to the main deck was particularly demanding. Two interior layouts were offered to satisfy the accommodation requirements, one with the Engine Room aft and the other with the Engine Room forward giving direct access to the Wheelhouse. The Engine Room aft version is possibly more passenger friendly offering greater all round visibility for the passengers inside the cabin.

As with any Design one of the biggest challenges was getting the proportions right whilst still satisfying what was a fairly tight specification covering some six pages. One area affected was the length, which was increased slightly, in order to maintain the passenger split and the aesthetics of the vessel. A useful addition, certainly for winter cruises, would be a lobby or canopy at one of the forward saloon accesses to limit wind and or rain entering the saloon when passengers are going to or returning from forward. This may be a detail that could be retro fitted should it be found necessary.

Whilst originally intended for use on Ullswater in the English Lake District the Design would be equally at home elsewhere and with some imagination in the arrangement as well would make an elegant Private Yacht.