Alan Newton C.Eng. MRINA.
Senior Partner – Alan Newton Yachts – Formed in 1978

Full 5 year Ship Draughtsman Apprenticeship, and a further 12 months study to gain an Endorsement in Ship Design leading to a Chartered Engineer and Member of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects status.

In 1968 I was offered a Design Draughtsman role at Camper and Nicholson’s in their Design Office in Southampton. Camper and Nicholson’s was one of the World’s leading Sailing Yacht and Motor Yacht Designers designing many Admiral Cup winning Yachts and Classic Motor Yachts.

After returning to my hometown, I was commissioned in 1972 to Design a 35 Ft Ketch Rigged Sailing Yacht for a local Businessman. The Design was published in Yachting Monthly in August 1972 proving very popular and resulting in three boats being built to the Design. A 32 Ft Cutter Design, again commissioned by a local yachtsman, was also featured in the March 1978 Yachting Monthly.

Following my successful entry into the ‘Build your own Business Competition’ sponsored by Shell I took up the tenancy of a Workshop to build my own designs starting with a 20ft Racing Yacht that I had designed some years earlier and which had come second in an American Yacht Design competition. In addition a number of commissions from various clients for a range of Sailing, Fishing boats and a Victorian Style Steamer of 23 Mtrs have been completed.

Design and Yacht Design in particular has been a passion of mine for over 50 years but I have also been fortunate in having the ability to carry out Design work in numerous other lines of business such as Oil Refineries, Steel Manufacture, Architectural, Offshore Oil, Remote underwater Submersibles and Renewable Energy giving me a much broader knowledge and ability to tackle many diverse projects.